2015 Blog Swap Event

Today’s post comes from Chelsea over at LUCY QUIN, a talented poet and photographer in this glorious city of Pittsburgh. Her Instagram feed is also really wonderful, so you should go check that out as well. Anyhoo, I was invited to the 2015 blog swap, so in the fashion of swappage (apparently not a word), we mixed things up a little bit. You can see my guest post on Erin’s blog here where I shared a little insight on the city and my favorite places to hang out by myself and catch a break. In the meantime, here’s a little something that might have brought just the tiniest tear to my eye. Seriously, this is so cool to me. I feel incredibly honored – these photos breathe life into the words that wrote, which seemed otherwise unremarkable until on display. Chelsea did an amazing job, and I’m very grateful to be a part of this. 

I’m going to be completely honest, when I saw who I was matched with for this Pittsburgh Guest Blogger event I was nervous. I knew very little of Alex other than her being a very fun-haired, free spirited cutie-patootie I followed on instagram months prior to even being asked to be a part of this event. As I initially scrolled through her blog, I was surprised by the content because I would have honestly had no idea she was struggling with the things that she is. With every entry I read, the more and more panicked I became. The whole thing is driven on such raw and intense emotions, I felt I had absolutely no right even looking at it, let alone taking over a blog post for a day to try and write about something that, to me, seemed entirely way too personal.

But as I continued reading, I saw all these fantastic little lines or phrases jump out at me. It amazed me because even though I had no experience in any of the things she was dealing with, her words still hit home like hurricanes. I found it all to be very inspirational. I then remembered something someone once told me about my writing and I knew it was the perfect concept to duplicate for this blog post. I once had a man write me an email about my poetry and told me if I ever felt like I didn’t belong and I was alone in anything I struggled with, know that he writes little phrases or poems of mine all over the city he was from. That really helped me get through a hard time in my life, so I was hoping to pay it forward. Although we may not be struggling with the same exact things, we all struggle — and sometimes it’s a little easier to not feel so alone when your words are larger than life for everyone to see and relate to in some way.

I took a few of my favorite lines or quotes from some of Alex’s posts and I wrote them all over the city. I hope others can find beauty, strength and inspiration in her words just as I did.

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